About the AnimeOSTs & Fansubs Project in Late 2014

Wasup, JPz Records! Summer is over, you know what that means, more school and work for us. Sorry if we haven’t been re-uploading any AnimeOST links. Right now, we lack manpower. That means, at the moment, nobody is handling the AnimeOST list. Hence forth, no one over here is fixing them. So don’t think that JPz Records is dead or no longer active. We are just chillin’ out (taking a break). On the other hand, why not try Anime-Sharing or Hikari no Akari OST? I’m sure 90% of our visitors go there to get their daily AnimeOST singles and albums. Remember, JPz Records mainly focus on mashups, remixes, rare findings, and a coupla fansubs stuff. To be honest, we may consider removing the AnimeOST list from the website, but that decision is still being considered by THE MAN = Enosioph Leviticus.

Currently, the JPz Records team is still pursuing to catchup on some Fansubs Projects like Oni Chichi & School Days HQ. Also, our yearly donation event is coming, so can’t wait for that on December 2014. Depending on the results we get on this year’s event, we might give you guys a special gift in the website. For the meantime, stay tuned!


JPz Records’s 4th Fundraising Event for 2015

This event is the same reason as last year and the previous year before that, to raise enough $$$ to pay for the webhosting of the website and other utilities, etc.

1. The event begins on DECEMBER 1, 2014 (12:00AM PST) and will end on DECEMBER 31, 2014 (12:00AM PST).

2. To participate in the event, participants must donate at the minimum of $5 in the Donation Button.

3. To donate, participants are required to have a PayPal account.

4. Participants will only be qualified in the “FRE2015 Participant List” after donating during the scheduled event, mentioned on rule #1.

5. Once donation is received, participant’s username will be listed in the “FRE2015 Participant List” and will receive an email verifying the event participation.

6. Participants can donate more than once, and the number of donations by the same participant will be accumulated to a given total in the “FRE2015 Participant List”.

7. The participant who donated the most will be the winner and will receive a $20 value GIFT PRIZE and will be mentioned after the event by e-mail.

8. Note that winning participant must have a minimum donation total of $20.

9. Any further question regarding to the event, leave a post on the comment section of this page.

JPz Records God,
Enosioph Leviticus

JPz Records Latest Updates
[QWCE-00398] End of the World / 蝶々P feat. 初音ミク (mp3 320k)

[QWCE-00392] GOOD SCHOOL GIRL / みきとP (初回生産限定盤) (mp3 V0)
[QWCE-00393] センセーション・シグナル / ぐるたみん(初回限定盤A)(mp3 256k)
[QWCE-00394] センセーション・シグナル / ぐるたみん(初回限定盤B)(mp3 256k)
[QWCE-00395] センセーション・シグナル / ぐるたみん(通常盤)(mp3 256k)
[QWCE-00396] GOOD SCHOOL GIRL / みきとP (通常盤) (mp3 V0)
‘Pupa’ Music Collection
‘Mashup-Germany’ Mashup Collection
^Deep Exception Vol.2

[JPz Records] Bloods [DVD 720×480 Hi10P AC3] (Re-Uploaded Torrent)
[JPz Records] Newmanoid CAM – Cam Castin OVA [DVD 720×480 x264 AC3] (Re-Uploaded Torrent)
[JPz Records] Reunion [DVD 720×480 Hi10P AC3] (Re-Uploaded Torrent)
[JPz Records] Triangle Blue [DVD 720×480 x264 AC3] (Re-Uploaded Torrent)
[JPz Records-Masurenai] Girl in the Shell [BD 1280×720 x264 FLAC] (Re-Uploaded Torrent)
[JPz Records-Masurenai] Grope ~Little birds in the darkness~ [DVD 720×480 x264 AC3] (Re-Uploaded Torrent)
[JPz Records-Masurenai] Lucky Draw! Triangle ~Miharu After~ [DVD 720×480 x264 AC3] (Re-Uploaded Torrent)

All these are for 18+ audiences only!
Clicking the links will prompt the warning.

[JPz Records] Idiot Boyfriend (Love Intro Remix)
[JPz Records] Loyal (West & East Coast Remix Version)
[JPz Records] Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Complete Remix)

Coupla Hip-Hip mixtapes.
Gonna start re-uploading/re-torrenting the old releases soon.
Stay tuned!

[QWCE-00376] Parallel Universe -tribute to JimmythumbP- (mp3 320k+Scans)

Mashup-Germany Mashup Collection
^You gotta shakin’ it
^Rude Mini EP
^Bad C.U.B.A. (Ryhthm of the night)
初音ミク Thank you 1826 Days ~SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project 5th Anniversary Selection~
[QWCE-00366+00383] EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalospace feat. 初音ミク (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00370] EXIT TUNES PRESENTS 半熟少女 Hanjyuku Girls (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00371] Re:road / りょーくん (mp3 320k+Scans)
[QWCE-00377] センセーフコク / YM feat. GUMI (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00378] Ryu☆ – We’re so Happy (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00379] tWoluz / Luz (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00380] Re:alize Live Tour 2014 / りょーくん (限定盤) (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00381] Re:alize Live Tour 2014 / りょーくん (通常盤) (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00382] ふわりPだよっ☆~ゆめのかたち~ / ふわりP feat. 初音ミク、鏡音リン、鏡音レン、巡音ルカ、KAITO、MEIKO、GUMI、神威がくぽ、IA、MAYU (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00328] EXIT TUNES PRESENTS ACTORS (mp3 320k+Scans) (Scans Added)
[QWCE-00386] EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS SPEED アニメトランス BEST 22 (mp3 320k)
[QWCE-00386] EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS SPEED アニメトランス BEST 22 (iTunes Plus AAC M4A) (Extended Tracks)
[QWCE-00025-00085] EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS SPEED アニメトランス BEST 1-6 (CD Version + Extended Tracks)
^Special Thanks to Doctor Shaneman

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